RHWine -

RHWine - Here to help you get more enjoyment from every bottle you buy

Whether you're an interested beginner or a seasoned connoisseur, whether you know your Bordeaux from your Barossa Valley and your Merlot from Malbec or you just want to make better wine choices in shops and restaurants, RHWine can help you get the most from each bottle.

With a little knowledge about the wine, region, grape and style you can be sure to make great wine choices, understand what's in the bottle and start to explore the world of wine.

RHWine runs wine tasting and education courses and classes in London and Essex. Friendly and accessible, they help to demystify wine in a fun but educational environment. 
RHWine also offers tailor made wine and spirit events for groups of all sizes; a few friends to corporate meetings.

RHWine also runs wine holiday tours to Chianti in Italy combining visits to excellent wine estates, visits to contemporary art installations, great food and fantastic wines.

RHWine also acts as wine consultant to a number of  delicatessans and London Clubs.