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In 2014 RHWine is holding a range of courses in wine and wine appreciation at St Matthew's Conference Centre, Westminster, London and also in Chelmsford .

The Programme of tastings will start again after the summer.

St Matthews Conference Centre, Great Peter Street, Westminster

To book, please see the detailed pages for each event.


What to expect at an RHWine evening:

You don't need any special experience or qualifications - each session will guide new comers and experts alike through the wines.

You'll get a different glass for each wine so you can go back and compare wines. You'll get blank tasting notes and information on each wine and sometimes maps and more details.

Robert usually uses a Powerpoint presentation to show photos, maps and other information on the wines and this is available on the web site after the evening. 

We usually have eight wines; following an introduction to the subject we taste each wine in turn, learning about it and comparing tasting thoughts. Don't worry, everyones views are taken into account and you don't need to be an expert!

Each evening lasts around 2 hours, but there's always drinking up time after!

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