RHWine -

Yes - it's been a bit quiet recently but RHWine is still in business!

Brentwood Wine Appreciation Society - Swiss Wines - 11 May 2016

RHWine will be presenting 6 Swiss wines to this active Society ranging in style and from lots of new grape varieties.

Brentwood Wine Appreciation Society - Tuscan Holiday May 2016

RHWine was thrilled to be asked to arrange a holiday to Tuscany 30 members of BWAS. In an exciting week we will visit wineries in San Gimignano, Chianti Classico and Brunello Di Montalcino including Cesani, Rocca del Macie, Fontodi, I Fabbri, Il Palagio, Val Delle Corti, Felsina, Villa Geggiano,  Banfi and Paradiso di Frassina. We'll eat at restaurants including Solociccia in Panzano, La Panzanelle in Lucarelli and the excellent Ristoro di Lamole. With some time spent sightseeing in Siena and Florence it should be an excellent week. Look out for the pictures later in May!

 Brentwood Wine Appreciation Society - Chinese Wines on 8 April 2015

RHWine will be back at the Brentwood Wine Appreciation Society in April. This year the evening will be on Chinese wines (with a Japanese one as well!). 

China is a huge consumer of wine, and is becoming a large producer too, but is the quality any good? It's not easy to buy Chinese wine in the UK but we've sourced some interesting examples so if you're a BWAS member do come along.